Who We Are

We are Irene and Chris, the owners of The Kidz Shoppe. We are friends and business partners who shared a dream for years of creating a fun, inviting and unique shopping experience for area families. We are also both parents of young children, so we understand very well the needs, financial pressures and time constraints busy parents face.


Our Mission

We are dedicated to providing incredible values, exceptional service and the highest quality products to area families in a unique, fun and inviting atmosphere. We are strongly committed to kids, our community and our planet, as well as the highest ethical standards in the conduct of our business.

We want you to feel special when you are here. We want to offer exceptional customer service and treat our customers like we like to be treated. We always welcome any comments regarding how we can improve our service.


Why Resale?

We wanted to open a children's consignment store because we shop them ourselves. As working parents, we appreciate the savings, value, quality merchandise, and environmental responsibility shopping resale provides. We want to provide families in our area with a clean, bright, fun and inviting shop offering the highest quality new and nearly new merchandise at affordable prices.


Not too long ago, people had a negative image of resale & consignment shops as being musty and disorganized junk stores. Many consignment, resale, and thrift stores back then deserved the bad reputation, because they stocked so many flawed, outdated, and unappealing pieces and required their customers to "rummage" through mountains of bad merchandise to discover a rare treasure. Over the years a new image of resale has emerged and there has been a dramatic change in people's attitude towards shopping resale and consignment stores. Today's savvy shoppers:

  • know that they can find high-end brand name items in resale shops for significantly less than the retail cost of these items brand new

  • realize that they can make money on their high-quality items by selling them at resale shops, without incurring the expense, effort, and bother of selling the items themselves

  • are environmentally minded and would rather sell, consign or donate their unwanted or unneeded items rather than add to the waste stream; and enjoy purchasing recycled articles in order to minimize their impact on our limited resources

  • LOVE finding bargains and would rather buy high-quality clothing, accessories and furniture for a fraction of their original price


    So come on in and see what treasures you can find!